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While American Kids are all out trick-or-treating, the Indian Goods Lunch of Opposition (IGLOO) has just begun. Many people now line up to watch the cpice-eating pros at work. The community polls say that the main competition is between Raj Gadool and Budda Matmatik.

Day 1

Sadly, we could not index all 50 qualifier rounds, however, here are some of the greatest.

Qualifiers: Krishna Misra vs Budda Matmatik

Matmatik Wins. 5-0

Matmatik: I am very proud of my cpice eating skills, and I hope you are too.
Mumbai Times: Wow, very humble.

Qualifiers: Bana Panja vs Raj Gadool

Gadool Wins. 5-2

Gadool: I am very disappointed in myself because I lost in the Wegetable Curry and the Jasmine Rice Mango Curry events.
Mumbai Times: We believe in you for next time.

Qualifiers: Yogarasa Jogalekar vs Govind Dheer

Dheer Wins. 7-6

Qualifiers: Aakash Dayal vs Govind Shree

Dayal Wins. 5-3

Dayal: I hate being paired against an unworthy opponent. I let Shree win 2 rounds, and the last round he won was because I do not like Jasmine Rice Spicy Sweet Green Curry. So gross.
Mumbai Times: Yes. Your performance backs up your words of wisdom.